UK SOTEC Repair Products


UK SOTEC Repair Products

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(1) Product Introduction



matching ratio (volume) Mix: Firming agent

Operation and filling solidification time

Highest use temperature

Applicable medium

Metal RG
emergency healant ( high polymer and alloyed steel phosphide)

Sticking defects in walls of equipment and surface of machinery and cracks of between metals

1 : 1



Carbonic acid, alkali, ammonia hydroxide, 6% sodium hypochlorite, oil, water, toluene and dimethylbenzene

Metal EG high-performance molecular alloy compound materials (macromolecule phosphate alloyed steel)

Used to repair the abrasion and crack of machinery, axis, bearing bush, machine tool, guide rail, and valve body

3 : 1



10% acetic acid and carbonic acid, 10% phosphoric acid, 10-20% muriatic acid, 10% nitric acid, 10% vitriol, alkali, sodium hypochlorite, ketone, oil, water, toluene and dimethylbenzene

Metal SG emergency repair paste steel

Defects in emergency repair pot, piping, valve and other metal surfaces (water acceptable)

Cutting some paste steel and making it into one color with hands



Applicable in many chemical mediums

Antisepsis EG (high polymer ceram) macromolecule polymer, alloyed steel, and wear ceram powder as bases (anti-ablation antisepsis repair materials)

Excellent anti-ablation and antisepsis performance, able to repair defects caused by equipment abrasion and corrosion

3 : 1



20% vitriol, and others as that of EG

Antisepsis (high polymer ceram) coating of anti-abrasion and antisepsis surfaces

Providing anti-abrasion and antisepsis protective coating for equipment and prolongs their service life

3 : 1



Carbonic acid, 10% phosphoric acid, 10% vitriol (exclusive acetone, formaldehyde and aldehyde), and others as that of EG

Antisepsis UG macromolecule polymer matching firming agent, high-performance antisepsis coating compound materials

Resisting corrosion of strong acid and alkali, and prevention of corrosion of metal surface with metal and hard nonferrous, consisting of pasty type and coating type




Acetic acid, carbonic acid, muriatic acid, phosphoric acid, vitriol, 10% formate, alkali, 6% sodium hypochlorite, oil, water, alcohol, ketone, chloroform and aldehyde

Antisepsis CP/PW, coating of antisepsis surface

Suitable for stock tank, piping, channel, water tank, valve, structure steel, metal or concrete pool, ground, wall antisepsis coating


1 - 6h
45min - 6h


10% acetic acid, carbonic acid, 20% muriatic acid, 10% nitric acid, 20% vitriol and others as that of UC

(compound adhesive tape for piping sealing) fabric belt dipped polyurethane compound materials

Normal-temperature winding repair piping leakage

Dipping in water and pressing for twice or three times, (five seconds) swift winding

Applicable in many chemical mediums

Construction Method

Eliminating the oil soil on the parts to be repaired, loosening deposit builders and the corrosion layer, polishing the metal body, and forming certain roughness;
Cleaning the surface of parts to be repaired with acetone or alcohol;
Getting the compound materials according to the proportion and dosage of the healant and then mixing and stirring them completely;
Repair operation, and controlling the mixing, repair and coating of the mixtures in line with the speed of solidification of products.
4. High-intensity magnet used for binding
(1) Specification of high-intensity magnet: 70 × 60 × 30
(2) Suction of the magnet: 3kg/cm 2
(3) Usage: Used for solidifying the magnetic force and coating wall of binding gas holder, of stock tank and of other large carbon steel equipments
(4) Use and operation method
Preparing stainless steel or copper plate or plastic plate or other plates made of non-magnetic materials in accordance with size of the leakage parts;
Daubing agglomerant on the sheet, and coating agglomerant on the edges of the leakage parts;
Clinging the sheet with coated agglomerant to the leakage parts, and quickly pressing the magnet;
4Taking the magnet away after the adhesive is solidified, brushing some epikote, and reinforcing it with the glass cloth dipped with epikote after the brushed epikote is solidified.


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