Heat-proof Quick Steel Paste


Heat-proof Quick Steel Paste
It consists of the following three types, and the main glue A is off-white paste, firming agent B is black paste, and accelerant C is white powder

Usage and Features
1 Proportioning glue, A:B:C=6:2:1 (weight ration), able to make adjustments for proportioning subject to the requirement
2. Method of blending glue, mainly used in manual kneading (wearing plastic gloves), the blended glue materials are black paste, which could be used in any direction, free from running and shrinkage, and as hard as stone after being solidified.
3. It could be solidified within 0.5-4 hours under normal temperature or within a few minutes under high temperature.
4. It could be used for a lone time under –40-+200 , and at the place without oxygen, the temperature could reach as high as 350 .
5. Shearing strength>12Mpa and compression strength>30Mpa.
6. The three groups could be stored as long as two years under a normal temperature with the stable performance.
7. It could resist water, oil, steam, weak acid, weak alkali and other organic solvents.
8. The glue prepared under normal temperature and low temperature could be coated on the spot, used on the high temperature and stream spots. The prepared glue should be placed in the open air for half an hour, and only after the glue is not sticky, could it be used.
9. The A group becomes hard due to the low temperatures and should be used after being softened through drying.
10. As for the cold place, if the glue is heated with steam, airbrush, hair drier, hot-water bag, or high-temperature bulb, the solidification could be much better.
Application Scope and Examples
It could paste metal, ceram, glass, cement, bakelite, hard plastic, etc.
2. Equipment holes could be mended with manual glue, convenient for operation.
3. Piping break could be mended with glass fabric dipped cloth, which could seal and solidify the piping.
4. The cable joint could be kneaded and closed from any direction.
5. The groove of the wedged lathe guide rail could be used for nicking. (The grinding wheel is used to make the V trough in the groove, then small close holes are drilled, and finally it is cleaned for wedging)
6. As for the crack caused by spray leakage holes, the machine should be shut off temporarily to discharge pressure, paste should be made as soon as possible, and the machine could be restarted after being solidified, which means special tools could be spared.
7. Tip pasting flange gasket for sealing the broken water (oil).
8. Holes caused by corrosion of oil tank or natural gas tank could be repaired with pressure.
9. Glue in stead of welding is used to repair the broken pump.
10. Concreting and repairing the sliding and worn of screw and nut.
11. Filling hydraulic glue-filling gun to seal leakage of flange, pipe and screw joint caused by high or low temperature.
12. Wedging holes and leakage in chinaware, cylinder, metal pail and wooden basin.
The glue consists of two types, namely large package 2.25kg.set, and small package 1kg/set.


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